Speed Test

CIK Telecom
Do you want to know how fast your internet speed is?
The CIK speed test tool will estimate your internet speed.
Check out your download, upload speed and ping using the tool below:

Your IP:









Measure the speed of your internet connection

For the most accurate way to test your speed, we have prepared an easy guide for you to follow before starting the speed test. All you need is a computer/laptop with a web browser (and an Ethernet cable).
1 Connect your modem to your computer/laptop using a wired Ethernet cable
2 Reboot your modem
3 Disable your Wi-Fi and router
4 Turn off all applications that use the internet

Learn more about CIK SuperFibre

CIK Telecom has launched SuperFibre internet, which will let you surf and stream with ultra-fast and reliable download/upload speeds. Game with the lowest ping possible and enjoy the most reliable performance with speeds that stay fast all the time.

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